Sunday is for inspiration :)

Let's begin a new tradition on this blog !
Every Sunday, i will show you what has inspired me along the week, what i loved and so on...
It could be scrapbooking layouts, photographs, musics... maybe it would be your blog, or your page! who knows :)

Do you know the Club CK? i just registered myself there, it's really a nice place :)
I found the gallery of Sara Winnick and i loved her work ! specially this page :) very cute :)
Here is a link to her blog :) it's already in my favs ;)

As you know, i am not a cardmaker, but i love to visit blogs of cardmaker.
This week, i found Nina's blog. So many beautiful things to look at ! here is some examples:

There are some layouts we can't stop to look at. This page from Julie is one of them. Each time i go to her blog, i look at it, and admire all the details i love, the colours...

On twopeas, i saw this wonderful page from Camilla Eckman, i just love her flowers :)

and this one from Piradee, love the envelope!

Let's talk about picture... i just adoooore this one (love her shoes, fav of mine!). Here is the link to the gallery of this artist :)

and this pic from Ashu Mittal, love the colour, awesome !

You know, there is nothing that scare me more than dolls... my worst nightmare ever! but i love to go on Esthy's blog, and i am sure you'll love too! look at this great pic:

What about talking about scrapbooking supplies ? did someone know this new tool ? looks awesome !

and this tiny alphabet, i looove tiny alphabet, my fav !

and this charms ! aren't they amazing ?! i want to take my hands on this cutie things :pppp

let's finish with some music, ok ?
Maybe some of you know Taratata. It's a great music show on French TV, always the best bands, the best music...
last week, Puggy was invited, and they were amazing !
here is a link to a video of one of their best song :) enjoy !

soooo ! what do you think of this new tradition on my blog? you like it ?
I hope so :)))
have a wonderful day !

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kim c said...

i couldn't scrap without Cosmo's Tiny Type stickers! And my favorite layout on this post is Piradee's. Thanks for sharing all of your weekly inspiration.